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LUV MATTERS Brand – Event for Trauma Victims and Children - Christmas Toy Drive 2016 

 Downtown L.A. our Producer, Entrepreneur, Founder and Owner of our Charity Foundation “ Luv Matters “ reached a new valuable level this year. With our latest slogan and the selected venue “ Christmas Ice – Skating for Trauma Victims “, we celebrated it by the Ice – Ring closed to the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. The Red Carpet show were placed in the noble restaurant “ Rock ‘ N Fish “served with refreshing and cooling drinks and cross canapés. 
Elected fidelity guests by a cosy and a luxury petite ambient, we meet a new horizon in possibilities and  her happening goals.
 Our whole team shouting a huge Thankful compliment to our dearest sponsors and supporters from a wide range in business areas in and around!!

We loved to say special honours to those brilliant partners.

                                                                 OUR STORY 

 Every key individual in this foundation has a unique story and all come t ok get her to create a strong relationship amongst each other to create a force to be able to care, support individuals in need, Trauma Victims of every kind that need the most attention and if that very care and attention does not come in a timely matter, their lives would be adversely affected whether they are war heroes and their families and defendants  the families of fallen soldiers to homeless veterans and Trauma Victims to cancer patients desperately in need of urgent assistant that as a result of a trauma and the hopelessness caused by it, are in immediate need of assistance. 

We as a caring individuals and human beings have come together from different careers to give a giving  hand to those brothers and sisters just like yours all across our country, like Marina Kufa saving lives in medical field and surgery Trauma centers and surgeons like Dr. Joseph Bivens to caring individuals in film and TV industry like Alex Lorre who donate and support on monthly basis the women's breast cancer research centers and cancer societies,  helping families of fallen soldiers that only their famines are the survivors of the war for many years and also helping the unfortunate kids and cancer patients maintain their normal lives and be able to obtain the education that is needed to improve our country in near future day by day. 
The Trauma nurses like Marina Kufa that behind the closed doors of Trauma surgery centers of Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles has saved many lives day and day out.
Surgeons like celebrity Dr. Joseph Bivens who has helped tremendous amount of disfigured individuals to gain their lost confidence back in life to help.others.
Film and TV stars, fashion designers and song writers, singers and entertainers like Josh Moreland who bring happiness to the heart of victims and patients.
As you may see everyone of these characters and unique individuals have come together to have only one purpose, to care, that care has vecome a help both physically and mentally to many of the members of our society who have been abled to continue to be there for their loved ones and to make a difference stronger than before in our daily lives and affect and touch other lives.
Luv Matters foundation is led by the talented Mrs. Marina Kufa who herself is a Trauma victim who decided to help others by other caring individuals who have come together in one place to create an even bigger society of services by reading out to  the souls and spirits of the ones and remind them that they are not forgotten and help is always here.