Hi my name is Sergeant David Cross (Ret). I was in the US Army for 10 years from 2002-2012. During this time I was deployed 3 times. Once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. During these tours I was injured in each one. The first tour I was shot in my head, second tour I was hit in my arm and the third tour was the one that ended my career from a IED (improvised explosive device).

The IED that hit was 1000lbs one of the larger explosives recorded. This IED killed a good friend of mine and put multiple shrapnel in my leg. Due to the shrapnel I had neuropathy and chronic pain 24/7. I hoped I could bounce back but I fought through the pain for 6 years with no good outcomes. I drank heavily and was almost heavily medicated and realized I was ruining my life more than helping it. So in May 2016 I decided to amputate my leg.
This amputation turned out to be the best decision, for pain, but I knew there ewould be new struggles to come along. I cannot do the things I want with my 3 young kids, my wife has taken a huge amount of sacrifice with household chores and helping me, and the day to day tasks I do just to get ready. Without my family I could never do this.
With all that’s happened I am extremely happy to be alive and spending this precious time with my family. They love me unconditionally and I owe them everything. With their support and the help from doctors I will get to enjoy my life to the fullest. It shows LUV Matters and that’s why I support LUV Matters and other trauma victims.



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Luv Matters

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“Luv Matters” is a charity whose purpose is to raise funds and awareness for a very ill child and others with similar illnesses supported by trauma victims and celebrities. As you may be aware We Got You Media has provided charity for trauma related victims for many years. The financial and emotional impact of trauma on society is rarely discussed and appreciated by media outlets or social media trending sites in today’s vast world of information. Hollywood production “We Got You Media” was created and organized by Marina Kufa an award winer of presidential appreciation for her outstanding work in saving lives as a direct response to the needs of the trauma victims and their families over the years working as a surgical assistant in trauma centers in Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles USC- LAC.

We Got You Media invites you to become a sponsor for our Luv Matters event to benefit the Trauma Victims. This time trauma victims together with celebrities will focus on very special guests.